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Florian Zumkehr grew up in Basel, Switzerland, and at the age of fifteen moved to Berlin to attend the State School for Acrobatic Arts. He took his first job at the CHAMÄLEON Theater during his final year of school as a member of the original cast of “SOAP! The Show”. His graduation was followed many thrilling projects and collaborations with the greatest circus companies in the world: Florian has worked with the 7Fingers, Cirque Éloize, and Cirk La Putyka, among others, and performed in the Tony-award-winning musical “Pippin” on Broadway in New York. For Florian, circus is about testing limits and rising to the highest physical performance possible, without succumbing to a sense of competition. He loves the fun of entertaining and the chance to perform on stage with his friends. This understanding of circus would eventually become the foundation for ANALOG  the company. His own creative collective wich has toured 11 countrys and played over 230 shows with its successful show "FINALE"
Since a few years he is focussing on touring his soloshow "WILT AND SHINE" and is also releasing his own written music.



What is home?
Florian Zumkehr‘s most constant home is probably the circus. Despite circus actually being inconstancy par excellence. Circumstances change day by day and yet somehow everything stays the same. A life on the move to inspire others. A home away from home, without ever arriving.
The piece WILT and shine brings the restlessness of a circus artist to the stage. Florian Zumkehr uses elements from acrobatics, dance, music, and theater to ask himself and the audience about the meaning of home. He tells a personal story about his life on tour, where everything is constantly changing and only the circus can be found everywhere - whether on stage or after the performance, as a game and pastime and a constant source of inspiration.
WILT and shine is an acrobatic solo performance, staged in collaboration with the Isra
eli director Shay Govhary and interwoven with a shimmering electro-acoustic live soundtrack, produced by Lukas Thielecke


WILT AND SHINE has played the following venues:


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