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Florian Zumkehr is a Berlin-based musician, artist, and stage performer from Switzerland. “i leave” is his new EP, produced and recorded LIVE in collaboration with Benjamin Gut and Philipp Gut. Having played music for many years, Florian wrote many of his songs during his 13-year journey as a contemporary circus performer, creator, and acrobat. The EP is a small collection of his most personal work about struggle, search, and sacrifice.

“Music has always been my creative equalizer – after performances, on the road, and between circus tents. The first time I held a guitar I was 19 and had already been far away from home for a few years. I always wrote songs, but I think now is the time to share my music with you. I worked on these songs with my dear friend and amazing musician Philipp Gut. And so they were created out of love and honest friendship, serious struggle, and self-doubts as an artist.”

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